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Guided Tours

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Some Of Our Guided Tours

We will be heading on a few different tours throughout the retreat together as one big tribe, to get immersed in nature and each other. These tours are about us connecting as a group and getting to know each other on a deeper level.

Waterfall Tour & Blessings

When we first arrive at the jungle we will be taken by the local villagers to be blessed by native tradition and walk into the powerful waterfall vortex to be cleansed and purified. This is similar to a welcome to land ceremony that the Australian aboriginals do in Australia. Its connecting with the spirits of the land showing respect and clearing anything unwanted from your energy field. The waterfall is powerful and holds a magical energy which you will feel the moment you step into it.
A very special time to put out some intentions for your 7 adventure to come.

Hot Healing Volcanic Springs


We will be heading off to a natural volcanic hot healing spring and spending a half-day soaking up the healing minerals in these sacred spots, with warm water flowing through some man-made pools that we can relax in together and relax. 
This water is powerful and many people have reported healing ailments from simply bathing in these magical waters.

Half-day Jungle Hike To Mountain Top

We will be heading up out of the valley for a half-day hike to the top of a mountain which looks over the sacred waterfall valley, once we get to the top we will drop into a guided meditation and partake in a sound journey / meditation and enjoy the 360 degrees view of bali and the quiet peaceful ambience up there. We will be enjoying wood fire pizza after our hike at a beautiful little place near the ocean.

Tjuampuan Day Spa

We will be visiting a hot/cold plunge pool and doing some Wimm Hoff breathing exercises when we first arrive in Bali to ground us and anchor us in our bodies. We will be relaxing in hot springs, saunas, steam rooms and revitalising ice baths.

Dinner at Akasha

We will be meeting up with Sacha Stone and eating dinner at his beautiful restaurant called Akasha, just outside Ubud and surrounded by rice patties. It is the home of "The New Earth Festival". We will be relaxing fireside and relax with one of the more prominent figures in the truth community - a man with a huge heart and a vision for changing our planet.

Diving / Snorkeling

We will be heading out and doing some snorkelling in a world-class reef (literally in front of our hotel) and spend some time in the beautiful blue Balinese sea.

Medicine Walk & Sound Journey

We will wander up to a beautiful lookout point, which overlooks the Balinese ocean. There we will have a "Celebration of Life" ceremony at the top with optional kratom tea - a jungle medicine that opens the heart and also brings creativity into the mind, with a warm loving feeling throughout the body. We will Enjoy a sound journey and meditation whilst on this medicine and head back down the mountain for a silent nature walk.


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