Meet The Team

  • Nate Max 

    Neil Pascoe

    Thought Pioneer & Visionary

    Speaker, Mentor, Life Coach, Radio Presenter, Truther, Health Expert, Activist, 
    Facilitates Meditation and Sound Journeys.
    His gifts are the sword of truth and the shield of faith and helping people know thy self.

  • Marc Tomkinson

    Wholistic Wellness Mentor

    Marc is a Quantum Neuroscience Sound Healer and Conscious Dj, Drone Pilot, who runs Budda Bar Sydney's only Conscious Night Club, Mark also runs retreats and Ecstatic Dance Sound Journeys and Meditation.

  • Ben Borg

    Breathwork Practitioner

    Ben serves ceremonial Cacao and facilitates Sound Journeys. He is a qualified Breathwork Practitioner and is a conscious School Teacher who works with children and mentors troubled youth.

  • Teleah Barnes 

    Teleah Barnes

    Quantum Healer & Medium

    Teal Soul is an Intuitive Energy Healer passionate about spirituality and personal growth. Teal Soul works in two worlds, merging the city life with a deep spiritual practice and psychic ability.

  • Jeffrey  Slayter

    Jeffrey Slater

    Speaker & Life Coach

    Speaker, Mentor and Life Coach, Jeffrey has spoken in front of over 3 million people on the global speaking circuit and has merged the business world with sacred jungle teachings and medicines. He has a global audience and runs powerful workshops.

  • Bryre Roots

    Gut Health & Yoga Teacher

    Model and Holistic Health Coach specialising in Ayurveda, here to empower and educate you to look after your health and wellbeing. She is a qualified Yoga and Meditation Practitioner.

  • Patrick Hanly

    Patrick Hanly

    Shiatzu Massage & Movement Therapy

    Patrick offers the gift of Zen Thai Shiatsu, a form of structural energetic body work that combines hands-on massage and stretching with subtle yet profound energy realignments. He also is a Medicine Carrier and has a profoundly grounded energy.

  • Aisha Ahmed

    Chiropractor & Kinesiologist

    Aisha is a qualified Chiropractor and Kinesiologist who is a professional Latin Dancer and Singer. Aisha is a conscious mother and has been in and around the esoteric realms for many years.

  • Tama Bear Wairua

    Medicine Carrier - Life Coach

    Tama is a Life Coach and Medicine Carrier, he is deep into cultural reprogramming and working with troubled youth. Tama brings has merged the warrior with the divine feminine.

  •  Candace Foo

    Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine

    Candace is qualified in Acupuncture / Acutonics and works with massage and Traditional Chinese herbal medicine. She is a conscious mother and works with women groups. Candace is a grounded balance of knowledge and wisdom.

  • Shayne Benattar


    Shayne Benattar is a Freedom Fighter, Truther and Activist who runs a viral Instagram account with profound information and has a large global following. He is passionate about sovereign health and waking people up.

  • Gary Stramlic

    Conscious Fitness Coach

    Gary is a Health and Fitness expert, he comes from a back ground of fitness modelling and has merged two worlds by bringing health into the body building realm.