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Sacred Ceremony
A Celebration Of Life

What is Ceremony?

Our lives are a ceremony at all times, but oftentimes we can forget how lucky we are to be alive and have this opportunity to experience such an amazing playground here on Earth.  The world is so busy, we are mostly caught on the hamster wheel and we some times miss the subtle beauty that's all around us.  So, for lucky participants at our retreats, we are running ceremonies throughout the 7 days to remind us all just how beautiful we are and drop back into that place of love, connection and sacredness with all things.

These ceremonies - meditation, yoga, breathwork, Cacao, Kraytom, sound journeys, and Rapeh - are all heart-opening medicines that work on a multidimensional level. They help us to connect to what it is to be human - the expansive state of embodying Universal love and anchoring that into this realm.

Sacred plants have been used for thousands of years with healers and shamans to help people ground into the now and shift old patterns/beliefs. They also give us a new set of glasses to see the world through. These are very special ceremonies and for many people, they can be life-changing. We really look forward to sitting in ceremony with you on the retreat. You will be supported with our professional team of medicine men and women, with post-medicine integration available. All you need to do is sit back, relax and let us create some magic.

Life Is Ceremony

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