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Our Mission

The Mission.

This is the most important part of why.

What is the mission and what is our intention behind this global retreat platform??

My name is Neil Pascoe and my vision is to live in a world with unbroken people, an earth with humans that are deeply connect and commune together in unity. We have all the resources, currency, people and technology to have a world which is not only fair but in fact beautiful and thriving with nature. All the elements are here, there are just a few key things that are not present at this point in our evolution.

The missing link is ‘connection’.

So many people are living their lives from compensatory pathways, worrying about what others think and it affects their lives so much that they are not living their truth. They are cut off from their roots, Mother Nature and their connection to spirit and divinity. We don't have rites of passage any more, history is a lie and there is inversion at every corner. The sacredness has almost been forgotten. When human beings are connected to their divinity and their cups overflowing, they make smart decisions, are able to put the pieces of the puzzle together and operate from honour and love rather than lack and scarcity.

There is two ways to live, from love or from fear, it’s simply a choice.

What I have found is that when humans become connected, have a purpose, are supported and loved, miracles happen. Not only do people heal from disease and trauma but they flourish into the most amazing versions of themselves.
Creativity blooms (this is when people are at their happiest) and they start fulfilling their soul's purpose in divine flow.

The mission for this retreat is to have a 7 day experience that is so profound that people come and transform into the best versions of themselves. We have all the modalities and heart-opening experiences to hold a safe and sacred space, but the most important thing is when they return home we take with it this new found knowing that this energy is steady, locked in for life and we have the ability to take this forward in our lives, with our families and workspaces, cultivating the energy of wholeness, love and connection all around the earth. By connecting in this manner, we can create heaven on earth. It is profound, as a few connected humans, can have such momentum, and ripple effect to flows on to really change the world for the betterment of humanity. We need people to operate from a place of gratitude, sacred neutral, wholeness, unity, compassion and love at every turn.

We can choose to fight the dark and stay in polarity or we can simply return to our optimal blueprint functioning propelling the light. The world is intensifying as we are getting towards the end of the old days now and a new paradigm is emerging organically. If we take a stand and step into our sovereign power by choosing love (the baseline frequency of all that is) we could see the end of our earth’s oceans, rainforests, animal friends and the family unit as we know it. This is all avoidable and you have a powerful role to initiate a thriving and bountiful organic reality.

We are both earth warriors and streetwise conscious creators here to reclaim our earth through love and truth.

This is our mission!

Crossing the divide between theory and application. Stepping up to the plate as human beings to create the reality we all deserve.

Wholeness and balanced vibrations,

Neil Pascoe

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