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The 7 Day PLan

Day 1, 14 November
Welcome at Akasha / Tjumpuan

We will congregate at Akasha Restaurant in Ubud at 10am (Sacha Stone’s restaurant) to meet and greet each other, have lunch, and relax post flights.  We will enjoy a relaxing environment with nutritious food in a lush area surrounded by tranquil rice paddies. Sacha will talk to us about some important things happening in our world today and what the ITNJ (International Tribunal for Natural Justice) is all about. We will then embark on our journey after lunch to Tjuampuan the hot healing springs for a sauna, spa and cold plunge accompanied with Wim Hoff breathwork. This will allow us to connect to our body and return to an alkaline state, before our 3-hour drive to our new home at the jungle retreat resort in northern Bali for the next 7 days. We will venture over the mountains and see some of what beautiful Bali has to offer on the way. You will have the opportunity to stop and get some photos of the volcano and the stunning views. Arrival at the resort, for a late afternoon check-in, and to get settled before a nutritious dinner and vegan desserts. After dinner, a group candle / eye-gazing meditation as a beautiful way to break through any barriers and ground into our new surroundings. After we are connected, we will discuss briefly the schedule for the next 7 days around a bonfire. You will have an opportunity to open up the dialogue with the talking stick followed by an early night’s rest for our up and coming adventure.

Day 2, 15 November
Waterfall Blessings / Tobacco Ceremony

On day 2, we will wake up to be greeted with Jammu Jammu and green juices at our door steps from a lovely night sleep, to enjoy, prior to our morning ritual of meditation, breathwork, and gentle relaxation time. We will have a brief download together after our grounding to begin the day. You will be invited to wander downstairs to enjoy a silent breakfast together of high quality / vibrational food. On this day we venture to the waterfall valley to drop into our surroundings. A blessing by the locals and a welcoming to this land. We will walk slowly through the jungle and make our way up past the sacred springs to a special waterfall. We will each spend time resetting ourselves in this pristine water source. This waterfall has a lot of significance to the locals and is known for its powerful healing energies and high esoteric qualities. After we enjoy the mornings bare foot waterfall walk, we will head back down to the local Warung café, tucked away in the jungle which is owned by a wonderful lady who you will meet and will be joining us on the retreats for divine food and relaxation time.  After lunch, we will walk back down to the bottom of the road to see some of the local villages and be collected by our transportation to be taken back to the resort. You will have the rest of the afternoon off to relax by the pool and swim in the ocean prior to our sacred Rapeh tobacco ceremony before dinner. This tobacco comes from the Amazon jungle and is fermented tobacco used by the indigenous peoples not only for its medicinal benefits but also to ground, open the heart and clear away any negative energies or thought patterns that may no longer be serving us. It’s quite powerful and purifying. This will take us through the night until dinner. Post dinner, we will sit around the bonfire, enjoy some music and engage in some deep conversation until bedtime.


Day 3, 16 November
Hot Healing Springs / Cacao Ceremony

On this glorious morning, we wake with our ritual and routine of juices, yoga, meditation and breathwork followed by a group exercise and briefing of how our day will proceed. You will be invited to express any thoughts and/or feelings that are coming up from the retreat thus far. After we connect to each other, we will head down for our silent breakfast to enjoy high vibrational healing foods together overlooking the ocean. There are a few hours to relax and chill out before we depart after lunch to head to the hot healing springs at the base of Kintamani village. There is a live active volcano there which has hot thermal springs flowing at the bottom. We will relax and spend the afternoon soaking up the healing and therapeutic minerals with scenic views.​ At night, we will be indulging in a sacred cacao ceremony and sound journey together. Cacao is a heart-opening medicine and has many medicinal properties. We will sing some songs together after this ceremony and talk about our deep experiences.  Dinner and bonfire will follow prior to a restful night’s sleep

Day 4, 17 November
Group Acupuncture, Quantum Sound Journey / Traditional Food Hike

Today we rise and shine, on the 4th day in Bali, of our transformation. We commence another beautiful morning with healing elixirs, yoga, meditation and breathwork followed by a schedule briefing of the day’s events. We will have our silent breakfast prior to returning to The Shala Bali for group acupuncture and a quantum sound journey run by Candace Foo and Mark Tonkinson. This will run for a few hours to allow for a very deep and relaxing time, dropping out of your mind, into your heart and the present moment. After this self-care session, we will commence a poolside/seaside lunch prior being transported to the jungle. We will embark on a walk up a small mountain to a village where we will connect with the villager and be shown some local bush foods. Once at the hut, we will take in the amazing 180-degree views of the ocean whilst doing some call and response singing together, to open the throat chakra, and heart along with a relaxing sound journey. We will enjoy some of local traditional food cooked for us by some of the beautiful locals in tranquil nature. Post dinner, we will wander down to the jungle for a bonfire. Nate Max will guide us through a sacred fire burn where we will let go of things that no longer serve us and put them into the fire followed by live music, singing and warm cacao.

Day 5, 18 November
Breath Work Session / Snorkelling / Zen Thai Shiatsu Massage

We awake another day in paradise in our luxury seaside abode to our Jammu Jammu and green juices. Afterwards we head into The Shala for yoga, breathwork, meditation, our morning ritual, and intent to start the day. After our relaxation and group talk, we head down for a high vibration silent breakfast of champions, sit seaside and poolside together. In today's schedule, we have Ben Borg who will take us through a process of deep trauma release and inner healing. This session will run for 3-hours which will take you to a place deep within the unseen realm. You will be supported to allow for integration and profound insight. A few hours to relax and chill will follow with lunch and integration. In the afternoon, we will be able to go swimming and snorkelling at a world-class reef amongst all the captivating fish and creatures in the warm tropical water. Afterwards, we meet for a group Zen Thai Shiatsu massage and bodywork session hosted by Patt Hanley. He will run through some massage techniques and rewilding body movement therapy, call and response, to get us into our bodies proceeding a relaxing dinner and beach bonfire under the stars with some soulful music.

Day 6, 16 November
Jungle Hike / Wood Fire Pizza

Today we rise early for our morning meditation, yoga, and breathwork session followed by a high vibrational breakfast. This day we embark on an adventure, hiking to the top of the summit of the nearest mountain, where we will enjoy the 360° panoramic views. At the top, we will do a powerful group meditation and set intentions for what we want to welcome into our lives over the next year. Once we feel ready to head back we will wander down and make our journey back to the resort for a shower and relax. Tonight we indulge at Gaia Pizza and enjoy a well earnt meal together after our big day’s adventure! This will conclude by returning to the resort for a quiet night and deep sleep.

Day 7, 20 November
Waterfall River Trek / Reconnection Session

On our last day, we will be greeting the morning with a sunrise meditation and sun gaze before we move into our morning ritual of yoga, meditation and breathwork. We will have a beautiful high vibe breakfast and say our thanks and goodbyes to our resort, which we've had the honour to stay at, this past week. We will make our way to the jungle for the last time for a waterfall river walk up through the spring in the river bare feet, slowly and gracefully, climbing and navigating our way through the rocks and running water all the way to the waterfall. Once again, as we did on the first day, give our thanks and blessing for this sacred land, the water, and all it’s provided to us over our journey. We will spend time in the jungle enjoying each other’s company, eating at the local warung together, for our last meal in the jungle. Thereafter, we will sit together to communicate, show our appreciation and discuss our experiences over these past 7-days of transformation. We will have the opportunity to exchange contact details and create a tribe to stay connected to. This being, not the end, but the beginning of your life reconnected to you.

Please note there will be other optional activities available each day i.e. massages, quantum healing, health mentoring, one on one chiropractic, sacred Rapeh ceremonies, yin yoga classes, acutonics, Zen Thai Shiatsu massage, sacred bufo toad ceremonies, Thetahealing, various types of breathwork sessions and much more to support you.

Depending on the energy and vibe, we are open to realigning and switching around the schedule to suit the participants, if need. We expect participants to join us on these excursions, however, you are free to opt out, just relax and chill in the resort, if necessary.

Big Love,

Nate Max

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Waterfall Valley

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