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Murray Kyle
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Re-Connection To You

Island Of Gods Bali
Date To Be Announced

A Deep Journey Of Inner Inquiry & Transformation


About Us

Welcome To Soulful Retreats 

Body . Heart . Soul . Nature . Food 

The Keys To Your Wellbeing

Are you feeling like a tropical warm getaway ocean side in luxury?
Have you recently awoken to the true nature of the reality that we live in
Have you been looking for your tribe you can connect with on a deeper level?
Are you feeling the calling of mother nature and due for an immersion?
Are you in serious need of city a detox and re-connection with your soul's highest purpose?
Did you lose your playfulness and get caught up "keeping busy working"?


If so, this could be what you have been looking for.
Come join us and create life long memories together.

Nate Max



Our Retreats are like no other, the merging of worlds - a full nature immersion meets luxury. We have put together a wide variety of tours, ceremonies, experiences and relaxing activities to set the senses alive.

We have 8 health and wellness professional co-hosts, who will be there to support and guide you every step of the way on your journey into self-discovery and transformation. 

We will be heading into the jungle and getting reconnected to nature, with daily rituals of juices and elixirs, Ra Healing food, yoga, meditation and breathwork to support your body.

We will be diving deep into the unseen realms with ceremonies and esoteric work,  using heart-opening sacred medicines to help you go a little deeper.  

We have a variety of tours planned, such as visits to sacred sites, healing springs, hikes, snorkelling, day spas and powerful waterfalls. 
Our aim is to bring you back into flow state, connected to nature, and aligned to your highest possible potential.

Our Retreat Centre

Our luxurious retreat centre is located in Northern Bali - The Island of Gods, where luxury meets full nature immersion. You will be staying in beautiful seaside villas, single double or triple share. These villas are just minutes away from a sacred waterfall valley and jungle, where we will be spending some of our time together.


The stunning retreat centre is set in a secluded location, surrounded by spectacular views of volcanic mountains & nature. The accommodation is lush and very peaceful, the perfect place to relax and give yourself the love you deserve.


The centre has a "Ra Healing Foods" and Elixirs menu, provided daily to purify and support you, but also a large traditional Balinese and Western menu, with delicious vegan desserts on stand by.

Give yourself permission to fully love and support yourself, and this space has everything covered -  from day spas and poolside massage tables, room service, two large swimming pools, a yoga shala and ceremony space, outdoor seaside dining areas and much more.

Our Vision..WHY Us?

Soulful Retreats is born from a vision of collaboration and unity. It has been birthed to create a safe container for humans to fully step into a place of love and re-connect to who we are in truth. 


We are living in exciting times and humanity needs heart-based, balanced humans co-creating a better future for all. The old paradigm is ending, it's time for us all to step into our power and embrace the life we love and deserve to live.

When one is held in a safe, nurturing and sacred space, healing automatically takes place. This is our intention for you – that you may find the medicine within, and leave revitalised, reset and renewed.

Our team of professional co-hosts will be there to facilitate an array of healing experiences, from massage, mentoring, sound journeys, yoga, sacred ceremonies, kinesiology, acupuncture, quantum healing and more.

So come play, connect to culture, nature community, and make memories that will last you a lifetime.

Meet The Team

We have an amazing team of 8 Co-hosts who will be walking with you every step of the way during this 7-day sensory experience. These amazing people have a bunch of incredible gifts and together we will be learning and growing from each others medicine click below to check out our hosts.

A deeper Look

Check out some of the experiences you will be indulging in at our 
9 day "relax, reset and renew retreat". Our aim is to bring you the most transformational heart-opening experiences and memories that last a life time.